About Us

Repurpose. Redesign. Redefine.

These three words describe The Vintage Rooster Furniture & Home Decor. They also describe business owner Kim Ellis. Kim has chosen to Repurpose her skills to redesign her business, and redefine her life!

Kim has been an artisan for over twenty years, working in textiles as a weaver, spinner and fibre artist. Colour and texture has been a constant thread through all of her work. Although she has redefined her artistic pursuits and is now working in a different medium, Kim’s love of colour is obvious. Raising a family in rural NS has fostered the need to protect our environment and preserve it for her grandchildren. Our throw away attitude to material goods is wasteful and unnecessary.

The opportunity to repurpose well made cast off decor items was the reason for starting up The Vintage Rooster. Kim can share the skills and materials you require to redesign a special piece of furniture or offer you a piece already completed!

So, let Kim help you to repurpose, redesign, and redefine